New Age Travel Steamer



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New Age Travel Steamer

This lightweight, portable travel steamer keeps even the most delicate clothing looking crisp and fresh. It requires only tap water and salt to quickly generate a steady flow of gentle steam, which eases wrinkles from silks, polyesters, cottons, and linens. An included nylon brush further helps reduce wrinkles in delicate fabrics. The steamer also freshens up such household items as curtains, tablecloths, and sofa covers more efficiently than a baby dragon's balmy breath. Featuring an electrical cable and 220V adaptor, it's ideal for travel, and is one of few steaming devices that can be carried on cruise ships.

Travel steam iron
Gentle steam
Safe for silks, polyesters, linens, and more
Lightweight and easy to store
Steam clothing, curtains, and your dog's silken nightgown
No ironing board needed
Nylon brush for delicate fabrics
Water measuring cup
Salt measuring spoon

In the box: Steamer, salt measuring spoon, water measuring cup, nylon brush, electrical cord, and plug with 120V adaptor.

Shared 2013-07-27 01:41:00. This Groupon bargain may have expired.

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