Keratin Blowout Extender


$13.99 for a Kerapure keratin blowout extender ($48 list price)

Kerapure Keratin Blowout Extender

Kerapure, a semi-permanent sealing spray, secures your hair's style as it eliminates frizz and shoos away nesting birds. Keratin infusions permeate the hair shaft, strengthening the cuticle to prevent breakage, build body, and leave locks thick, healthy, and shimmering. The spray not only reduces blowout time, it leaves hair looking luscious for days.

Semi-permanent sealing spray
Reduces blowout time
Eliminates frizz, deflects bolts of lightning
Fortifies cuticles
Prevents breakage
Builds body, enhances shine
Lasts for days
No harmful chemicals

Shared 2013-07-12 01:41:14. This Groupon bargain may have expired.

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