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Dunn-Edwards in Phoenix

After painting the town red, unruly teenagers tend to sober up the moment they realize that only some of the sidewalks will be used during upcoming awards ceremonies. Add a splash of excitement to your next painting project with today's Groupon: for $15, you get $30 worth of paint supplies, with half off all regular-price household paints, at Dunn-Edwards. This deal is valid at the locations in Scottsdale and Chandler.

With the dry Southwest climate in mind, the employee-owned Dunn-Edwards has been manufacturing paints and mixing up myriad kaleidoscopic colors for more than 85 years. Paint dabblers visit Dunn-Edwards for free expert color consultations with its resident interior designers, who help find the appropriate color combination for each individual's abode. Upon request, customers can also receive two free 8-ounce paint samples to try out on their walls.

For interior jobs, Dunn-Edwards carries a variety of paints and suggests brands such as Suprema available in flat ($11.72/qt., $43.13/gal.), velvet ($13.41/qt., $50.14/gal.), egg shell ($14.31/qt., $50.14/gal.), low sheen ($15.53/qt., $58.95/gal.), and semigloss ($15.65 qt., $59.17/gal.) finishes. For the exterior of client's personal palaces, the shop stocks brands such as Evershield, and quality primers include brands such as Ecoshield white primer ($31.58/gal.) and Apex wood primer ($38.70/gal.). The staff also guides customers toward the handiest tools and equipment, and provides advice on techniques, paint quantity calculation, and which paints pair poorly with white or red wine.

Dunn-Edwards keeps one eye on the color wheel and the other eye on the environment by supplying paints manufactured using the lowest amount of energy and resources possible. This eco-efficient process is also backed up by the exclusion of potentially toxic elements, including ethylene glycol, which Dunn-Edwards removes voluntarily from all its water-based paints.

Shared 2011-03-12 00:19:07. This Dunn-Edwards deal may have expired.
This Dunn-Edwards deal may have expired.
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